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About Us

Welcome to Greatest Home Décor, we are so excited to have you join our family!

A few years back, we found ourselves in a very frustrating situation.
We looked to revamp our home to reflect our style & personality. Up until this point, everything was "Kid-Proof", for all of you parents, I am sure you can relate. We had a budget, a clear idea of what we were looking for, and no matter which retailer we visited, and it was all the same.

You know what I mean, all of the pieces are mass-produced and the price never reflects the quality. The thought of spending thousands of dollars for what seemed to be disposable style furnishings just didn't cut it for us.

So, we went on a quest.

We were in search of undiscovered luxury, quality furnishings, and accent pieces that were affordable and could withstand years of use.
It took us a while, but we found it.
And that my friend is why we started Greatest Home Decor.
We believe that how we decorate our home is a reflection of who we are.
It reflects the whimsical, artistic, elegant side of us and our loved ones.

It is Our Mission is to provide quality signature pieces that express the warmth & love of your living space. We are dedicated to helping people make their homes beautiful with real-life tips and décor for a range of budgets.

We thank you for taking this journey with us and appreciate your patronage.

Rich & Trina Diaz